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Hello tdedaniel06! Thank you for introducing yourself. We’re really glad you joined! That is one badass looking Street Triple RS. So great of you to post a pic on your first message here.

I hope you find this site to be a great place to meet and talk with a great bunch of riders about Triumph bikes. Everyone here is very willing to help with questions or problems with your bike(s). I have personally saved lots of time and money thanks to the skilled help I have received from members.

Please post your questions in the sections related to your bike’s model. Most of the time you will get quick, informed responses.

As you cruise around the many different sections of this site you will find a wealth of information. There are technical sections for every Triumph model and chat sections for the same. Also, we have a classifieds section that is well worth checking out. (NOTE: You need to make at least five posts before you can post to Classifieds.)

Here is a link to the rules of the site and the classifieds. I recommend that you take a few minutes to read through them.

Read first before trying to post. Classified Ad Rules - Accessing Our Classifieds

If you want to just hang out and shoot the breeze the “Biker Hang-Out” Chat Section will be the place to stop in. Biker Hang-Out

If you haven't already please fill out your profile. It helps others to know what you ride and where on the planet you are located.

Here are the governing rules of the site and what can and cannot be done here. Acceptable Use Policy - Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

I hope you enjoy the site. The moderators are here to help if you have questions or concerns. Thanks for joining Triumph Rat!

I wish you safe, fun riding!
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