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New to this forum.

Just purchased a 1965 T100c (1970) engine and a few well thought out mods which wont please the traditionalists (digital speedo and tacho anyone) by previous owner.
Ground up rebuild just gone through the vinning process and has 4 kilometers on clock since rebuild.

Primarily here for advice around breaking in the engine and general maintenence - have only wielded a spanner in anger before now so limited knowledge. Looking to pick the brains of you good guys and gals starting with advice on new/old ownership and breaking in the engine.
I was concerned (about glazed bores) because it would have been run for a little while (possibly idling), because it needed vinning as a bike had been of the road for a long while and they test ride and emission test etc

This bike has had a ground up resto with the idea of making it an easy to keep daily rider. I have never been a fair-weather rider but may just try to keep this one clean.

Tools, regular maintenance tips on keeping the engine and running gear sweet - it is basically a new motorcycle that I have arriving.

Have owned a few bikes, CD185 Honda, RG250, Enfield 500 (with chair), GSX1200 (inazuma) great bike, Guzzi V75, Sportster 48, Blackbird and now the Triumph.

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Welcome to the forum!

The Classic, Vintage, and Veteran forum is where you can connect with other classic Triumph riders and rebuilders. Introduce yourself there, post photos of your T100C, and join the banter.

Connect with local riders in the RAT forums. If you do not see a thread for your area, please start one.

Please share your rides with us by posting photos of your rides in the Ride and Trip Reports forum.

Enjoy some off-topic and often humorous conversations in the Biker Hang Out forum.

There is much to our forum, so please make yourself at home, browse the forums, and join the conversation where ever it may interest you. We are happy to have you here.

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