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Hi everyone,

I bought a new T-Bird Storm a few months ago and have 2500 miles on it. Thought I would share some info...
I's a marvelous machine, torque torque torque! The balance is superb. Although a big, heavy bike I use it around town every day and no issues. It really handles like a much smaller ride. I'm so glad I got the saddlebags as it gives me an excuse to ride every day doing errands. I also got the removable windscreen and removable sissy bar. All good and super easy to get on and off. The girls say its very comfortable back there.

Like other posters I was a bit freaked out by the strange noises for the first 800 miles or so, but once it broke in and I got the 20-50 oil in it everything was fine. Sounds great. I got the long, louder pipes and it's a nice low growl, not obnoxious at all, but enough noise to make my presence be known.

Took a 500mile camping trip and had no issues at all.. handled the extra weight like a champ.

Thanks to all who helped in my decision. I couldn't be happier with the bike.




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