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New guy here. I'm a week-old owner of a new leftover '13 Tiger 800xc ABS w/ <20miles. I've been info-mining in stealth-mode over on the Tiger 800 section and finding a lot of useful tips, tricks and other essentials to this new owner, and I figure it's now time to join up and introduce myself.

This Tiger is the first "new" motorcycle I've bought since 1978 when I purchased a remaindered '77 Yammer XS400D as my intro into motorcycling. Everything else in-between has been pre-owned. This bike was at a dealer ~250 miles away, not far from my brother's home (a friend of ours that lives down that way owns a '12 Tiger 800xc, and I was impressed when he let me test-ride it a few months ago). I ended up bumming a ride in the general direction of my brother's place on a Friday, and the next day we drove up to the dealer who I'd negotiated the deal with on the phone earlier in the week, and I rode the Tiger back home 90% backroads on Sunday. I think I bonded with it pretty well on that first trip.

Mostly into dual-sport these days, and I think this Tiger will fit the bill for a little more comfort on those few multi-day adventure-y type rides a couple times a year, but also it seems to be plenty suitable for my general purpose around-town bike.

Thanks to all the TriumphRats who have unknowingly helped me so far in my quest for information. I'll likely be asking some hopefully appropriate questions if I can't find answers searching previous threads, and if I get to the point of being able to provide answers, I'll do so.

Best regards,


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Welcome to the forum!

It sounds like you have found yourself a good deal on a motorcycle that fits your needs. It also seems like you are in a great area for that kind of riding!

Be sure to introduce yourself in the Tiger Chat forum.

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