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I've been riding legally for 36 years (man, I'm old). Over that time I've ridden a slew of different bikes from a tin-can rocket of a Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750, an old Suicide Shifter, numerous Slash 5s and 6s, a Harley Heritage Classic, a Bultaco Astro and a handful of dirt trackers, a series of vintage Brit bikes, an RE5 (anyone know what that is?) and the list goes on.
Starting in the dirt on 2-stokers in my teens quickly taught me that I'm not invincible and that hitting a stationary object like a tree can kill you. Also seeing a few crash & burns on the street as inexperienced riders went beyond their limits, tamed my desire for a crazy-fast bike for the road. I kept my speed governed, and my pegs from scraping simply by avoiding from owning fast sport bikes. Too much of a temptation to ride them the way they were designed: balls to the wall.
A lumbering KLR650 kept me safely riding short distances for several years until I decided that I wanted something with bags. Preferably hard bags. And a more comfortable seat. And how about something that handled a bit better? Sticking with the bullet-proof nature of the KLR, I found a nearly-new '02 Kawasaki Concours C10 (ZG1000). Although a very respectable sport tourer for its vintage, it lacks - and always has lacked one thing: character. I compare it to a Crown Vic. An indestructable machine that will go on forever...with a ride and presence that is completely devoid of personality or character.
With the exception of the C10 and KLR, although all of the bikes that I mention are dramatically different from one another, they all have one thing in common: character.
So what's a good replacement for my tried and tested Concours? Something with bags and character?
Contemporary bikes with character are on a short list. Ducatis come to mind. So do Guzzis....and so do Triumphs.
Although they have plenty of character, the Duc ST3's looks didn't quite do it for me - not to mention its price of admission, rarity and rumored temperament. Guzzis don't really float my boat either.
What about that Triumph ST? It's got that Triple that everyone raves about...
..and it has character.
Modern refinement, great riding characteristics - leaning a bit more on the sport side of a very reasonable price of admission.
I've found my bike. I should have it in a couple of weeks.
'Ello, Triumph.
Sayonara, Kawasaki.
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