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I'm an old, fat guy who decided that a couple of antique Suzuki GS weren't giving me the pleasure that a new Triumph could give me.

After 1,000 miles on the Storm, I realize that I made the move YEARS too late. What a blast. A twist of that throttle, and my dreams come true. . . .

Now if I could just find a seat that doesn't feel like a bag of hay. . . .

It's good to be here.

-- mistermuleboy

PS I owned a 1995 Trident for about four years, but it never quite felt right. Really glad I came back to Triumph

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Welcome to the forum!

You are in good company. There are at least a few of us "old, fat guys" here on But apparently they don't sell anything. I have yet to find a used leather jacket that would fit me.

I love those Storms! I have yet to ride one. I know what happens when I test ride a motorcycle. The Thunderbird Storm was on my short list when I was shopping for a cruiser. I was holding off for this riding season so wasn't in a rush, but then I saw rumors about the Rocket X limited edition and got bit by the "exclusive" bug. I still think I would have been just as happy with a Storm, but my Rocket is really cool, too. If only I could afford three or four more motorcycles...

The Thunderbird Cruiser Chat forum is where you will find information, opinions, and conversations about your new Triumph. Introduce yourself there, post photos of your Storm, and join the conversation!

Make yourself at home, browse the site, and join the banter. Ask if you are looking for anything, perhaps we can guide you to the right forum.

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