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I'm the proud new owner of a 2006 Bonneville T100 (cream/orange) with a little under 5k miles on it. It's all stock (I love the looks of the stock exhaust) and is, in my humble opinion, a beautiful bike. I love it:

I haven't had a bike for about 6 years and this is an unbelievable upgrade from the Honda Rebel 250 I learned to ride on and the not so reliable Suzuki that I owned for about a year (I think I blocked it from my memory as I don't even remember what it was anymore). I've always wanted a Triumph and fell in love with this color scheme the first time I saw it.

My wife and I drove down to Albany, Oregon (just south of Salem) to buy it. So, my maiden voyage was the ~250 mile drive back to Seattle -- with a pit stop in Portland where we (temporarily) ditched the car and the two of us rode around on the bike and got dinner at Pambiche (delicious) and dessert at Pix (even more delicious). It was a joyous night.

The final stretch from Portland to Seattle was done late and night and was grueling and cold. And, in order to really put me through the ringer, it started raining! It took me a few days to recover! Still, I'm happy to have the bike and it was absolutely worth the trip!

I've been lurking on the site for a bit now and have used the forum for research. It's been super helpful. I did my first oil change yesterday and, yes, I read the oil threads! Talk about overwhelming! After much agonizing, I got to the store and the only oil they actually had in stock was the Castrol RS Racing 4T.

Anyway, the bike is happily with new oil (I went with the Castrol) and I'm happily thinking about taking it for a ride. My only regret is that I didn't buy it earlier -- we're about to head into the rainy season up here. :(
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