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I have just joined your forum and am looking for some information regarding the brake calliper fitted to my 1998 Trophy.
The calliper have Triumph stamped on them, but I believe they may be made by Nissin?
I need the small round seals that go between the two halves of the calliper, but triumph cannot supply them.

Does anyone know.-
1. Where I could get these seals.
2. Does any other bike have the same calliper, so I could try that manufacturer to see if they supply them.
3. Any other info would be great.

Thanks to all who reply.

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Ah yes, those seals. I believe the proper procedure is to mix peanut butter (smooth, not chunky), marmite, and Vegemite in equal proportions, expose the mixture to X Rad of 122 keV gamma radiation (where X is your longitude in degrees), and then apply the mixture to the two halves of the caliper. They will never leak/separate/function again.

If that doesn't inspire confidence*, try the T3 Sport/Touring forum.

Welcome to TriumphRAT!

* And it darn well shouldn't.
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