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So, after putting 4100 miles on the stock BT010r's, I finally got a new set of shoes. I went ahead and pre-ordered a set of Metzler M1 Sportec's from on the 28th...they shipped on the 30th and I got them yesterday!

I scored big and made friends with a local guy at a Kawi store who mounted and balanced them for me for $20!!!!

Anywho, I had a ton going on today so I didn't get to ride for anything more than a block. More to come as the miles go on.

BTW, after reading and talking to other 'Tona owners, I went ahead and got the 180 rear instead of the stock 190. I'm hoping for a touch quicker on turn in.


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Ski, You're gonna like these tires and they may be better suited for your climate than mine. Had them mounted on the RC51 about four months ago. Replaced the rear about a month ago after only 1500 miles. They're touted as being able to quickly warm up in cool temperatures (read after purchase). Trouble was that it wasn't cool for the three months the tires were on.

Very predictable grip from sidewall to sidewall and excellant feedback...have fun!

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