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I wanted to add some additional lighting to help those visually distracted drivers who always complain they don't see motorcycles. That makes me wonder if they'd see someone of the opposite gender riding bare-chested. Oh well.

I've heard about the "triangle" theory and while wonder about that a little extra lighting couldn't hurt.

I got a set of LED grill lights and used one from the set underneath the front of the fairing. I wired it so that I could turn it on independently of the ignition being turned on. While that does run the risk of leaving it on accidentally, I wired a bright red indicator light to help avoid that possibility.

The lights are operated via a lighted toggle switch on my console next to the GPS. I put it on the left side so I can turn the light on without removing my hand from the throttle. You never know when more power is just the thing.

The attached pics should give you an idea of how the lights look after the sun goes down. Since I just finished the wiring (in the dark) I don't have any pics in daylight yet. The LEDS, casting a very white light do seem to draw attention.

The whole affair took me about 2 hours including how to mount the lights and modify the console to accept the toggle switch.


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