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Hi I am new owner of 07 model S3 with Arrow 3-1 system working with the dealership foctory arrow tune for 11000km now. Due to the fact that I saw black smoke on the exhaust and after reading your recomedations here in this forum that the specific program is running a rich mixture I decided to change spark plugs from the normal ones CR9EK to CR9EIX and use K&N filter in order the bike would work better with the Racing tune.

The change had good effects such as improved throtle response and better acceleration but the bike now works hotter than before with 6 bars and 7 bars under normal traffic conditions no hooligan stuff. The cooler fan is on almost constantly and I am puzzled.

Usefull mod for this bike is to put XENON lights like I did by using the right headlight for low beam and the left one for high beam it saves the charging system of the bike because total consuption for the lights is reduced from 110W with original lights to 35W only for the XENON mod thats 75W less power or 6Amps less draw from the R/R system.

Thank you.
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