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Hey guys, I joined this forum for a few reasons. One I love the look of the thruxton's, they are a thing of beauty. Unfortunately I dont have one nor will I be buying one at this time. I am 25 years old and had 2 crotch rockets a few years back and sold them and havent been on a bike in a couple years. Well been liking the cafe racer/ mid 70's look and will probably be buying a 1978 suzuki GS750E come friday.

Well I want the GS750 to have the same look of the thruxton. So I joined with one goal and that was to get a seat and cowl to look like the fiance says she wants to go riding with me and we all know a cafe only has one seat and then I came across the thruxton with the seat cowl which is a great idea. I thought about buying a seat and cowl off of a thruxton but damn they are expensive. So I found a place online that has unpainted cowls for the thruxton, but my plan is to find a seat that I can get to work along with the cowl and my GS750.

But I need the dimensions of the cowl before I spend the money and end up wasting time and money if it wont fit.

Can someone do me a favor and get some dimensions of the cowl for me and the seat if possible. Thanks
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