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New Hagon Road shocks for Street Twin

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I've persevered for a month trying several preload settings but the conclusion is that the shocks on my 2016 ST are shite.
I've just got off the phone from Dave at Hagon UK, great guy knows his stuff. Told him my riding style weight ect and he advised that the standard road shocks were more than adequate for my needs (easy riding, 190lbs in full kit + occasional pillion). I'm having the black with chrome springs and the cost is a paltry 拢153 including postage!! Delivery by the weekend so I'll update the post with some photos and feedback once fitted. Dave reckons the majority of his customers these days are Triumph and Harley owners馃ぃ馃ぃ
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Shocks arrived this morning!!! That's service for you. Very well packed. They took just 20 mins to fit.
They come on softest setting which for Me is ideal. Only done a 40 mile run so far but the difference is amazing. The ST doesn't need fancy shocks. The Fox shocks are good but they're over 4 times the price of these! Note that I've keep the Hagon stickers on. I'd be doing an excellent company a disservice not to display them
I went for the chrome springs to brighten up the back end. This week I've also replaced the Triumph rack the Givi rack and a monolock plate.
I'll give it month to fully assess the differences then I'll install progressive springs on the front. I'll burn the stock tyres off and then look for a decent alternative
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Good choice in the chrome shock and spring.
They look really good on the bike. Do the stickers easily come off?
They look really good on the bike. Do the stickers easily come off?
No, they are quite hard to get off, but then you can buff up the alloy underneath which I like better.
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