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Well, like the instructions said "New members MUST post here". So here I am. :D

I don't currently own a Triumph, but am kicking tires and looking through windows for a Sprint GT. Currently I'm riding a ZX14 and as hard as I try I just don't love the thing. It's a machine, but a little too aggressive for my taste. I had a SuperBlackBird for 10 years which was a fantastic machine (and in hindsight I should have kept) but when a really great deal on a 2010 ZX came along I jumped at it.

So, here I am, reading reviews, opinions, & forums to get a better feel for the GT. It seems to be the only bike that sits somewhere between a ZX and an FJR. You already know my feelings about the ZX, and the FJR is just a little too upright for my still-young-at-heart riding style. It's mainly myself in the saddle, but once or twice a year the wife and I like to head out on 2 wheels for a few thousand km's. I'm hoping with riding season winding down I'll be able to find a deal on a 2011 GT.

Any and all input is appreciated.

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