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New gear, pics!

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Hey all, just a searching for some opinions on the new gear that I bought today and to share the beauty with all of you. I picked up some new Dainese gloves that use the slightly pricey kangaroo leather for the palms. It is more durable than cow so they can use a thinner layer and still get the same protection. Aren't they lovely.

I hated my A-star gloves because they were so darn thick that I lost all connection with the bike and couldn't feel the controls as well. I also picked up the Icon Anthem pants so I can ride in comfort and have a decent level of protection. Has anyone used either of these or have any opinions on them?
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I wrecked once in regular jeans and come to find out I might as well have been wearing rice paper. They tore a soon as I hit the ground and I had some rash on my leg...and I wasn't even going fast. I am hoping that the Icon jeans handle the slide a little better. I just can't find the commitment to suit up in full leathers every ride...maybe I will learn with age.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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