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Hello All;

I'm on the west coast of Canada on central Vancouver Island.

I have owned my 08 Rocket for close to 4 years now LOVE IT.

Other the detent spring breaking and regulator problems, I have found it's made for the mountains of British Columbia with the torque at the higher speeds it climbs these mountains like it was level ground. I have flown around curves that came out of no where with ease.
My favorite is when having coffee with a group of Harley riders people who came in would ask who's riding the Triumph :D
I'm glad to find this site been it's been very helpful and friendly

Cheers Oldwarrior

now I have a question
The bike just died, I checked at the battery it was dead check at the battery fuses volt meter said it wasn't charging, changed the battery and regulator (aftermarket) it went after one season then failed. readings at battery 13.5 - 14

Thought I didn't clean the connection going to the battery well enough.Got a new regulator (aftermarket) and wiring from eastern beaver. He does a good and strong job cheaper than i could get all the parts for put them in. readings at battery 13.5 - 14

Rode another season this season rode it 3 time the last time down town I could smell some wiring frying took a look regulator again.

order another (aftermarket) for $40 dollars hoping it would last long enough for me to figure out whats going on. I know it's insane doing the same thing over and over.

It lasted 10-20 minutes if at all. readings at battery 123.5 - down

Stator is working fine, Now why am i burning through regulators.....
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