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After stumbling upon Engasal's enthusiastic review of the Daytona 675 on YouTube, I fell in love with the sound of the Triumph triple and I finally bought one! It's a 2002 DSSA Daytona 955i. If the sound of this bike was on iTunes, I would pay for it.

After kicking the tires I bought and rode it home. The fuel light came on, I thought it was the oil light so I immediately stopped and checked: off the bottom of the dipstick. One liter later, still off the dipstick. Yeah. I would *never* have bought if I had known; I now see that this bike has had absolutely no maintenance ever performed on it. 16000 km's, so I'm slowly working my way through the 12 k mile maintenance and finding more and more stuff, most of which are known issues or normal if accelerated wear such as chain, sprockets, stator, RR, battery, spark plugs, air filter, headset bearing, and fuel fittings (so far).

Happily Triumph Rat has been a treasure trove of helpful advice. I treat the work as a labor of love, so I kind of don't mind. I haven't gotten up the nerve to check the compression yet, I just hope I can end up with a bike that is in reasonable shape. I justify the cost, which will exceed the purchase price, as turning the bike into a machine with zero hours on many of the wear parts. Several of the "fixes", such as wiring and connector upgrades and metal fuel fittings with viton o-rings (incidentally, Colder products insisted: the ethanol in gasoline will excessively swell a nitrile o-ring), will make the bike better than new.

Next up, I'd like to change out the exhaust to get a Ducati-like note and Tune-ECU a map that provides the "off throttle burble" of a 1050, if that's possible.


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