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The moderating team has set new rules regarding who is able to sell in our classified section. In preparation for the site migration to Xenforo, the permissions of the site were changed to allow anyone to visit our classifieds and post there, although new threads aren't actually posted to the forum until a moderator approves them. (Replies to existing threads don't require moderator approval.) Previously, anyone not meeting the 25 post and 30 day rule wasn't able to post to, or even view, the classified section.

This increased the load on the moderation team, and also we feel we can be more lax and still deter scammers.

The new rule is: You must have been a member of this site for at least 30 days or have made 10 posts to the site to sell in the Classified section. Classifieds created by members who do not meet these rules will not be approved by the moderating team and will be deleted.

Premium and Lifetime members are still exempt from the 30 days or 10 post rule.

The change is from 25 to 10 posts, and the "or" instead of the "and". And it only affects selling an item. Anyone can post a WTB, and otherwise can read, post and do business on the classifieds.

Full rules are at:
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