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Hi guys, I just got a new black and Red B T100.

I've been a long time member in
After selling my 990ADV last year, I started searching for a new bike.... Dammit, it has been a long tiring quest!

The main problem is that I didn't knew what I wanted (still don't) ... Just that I would prefer to experiment something different to the adv type bikes (I had a 1996 Tenere before the KTM) and it had to have character and soul.

I felt in love with the 2014 BMW r1200RT and was ready to purchase it when the infamous ESA recall hit the fan! I ran away.

I then looked at the Multistrada, but reading that the buffeting was noticeable Bad, had to continue my search.

BMW R1200R, a great bike but will change soon.

New monster 821 or 1200, Diavel, Guzzi Griso.... Even the California Touring I considered. (But a cruiser is not my taste)

Some investment opportunities made me lower my bike-budget and that's when I turned to look into the Bonnie direction. I also researched the Kawa W800 which is the same price as the T100 here, and the Honda CB1100 deluxe(which it's not sold in my country, so I had to scratch from the list.

The more I read reviews and forum posts the more undecided I become. So, yesterday I decided not to wait any longer and walked to the Triumph dealer and buy the T100 they had in show.... No test rides available, so it was an act of faith in what I've been reading from Bonnie users.

Today I got the bike and I'm still grinning in bed!

A sweet smooth bike!!

My plan is to use it until I decide what Bike I really want and need.
.... From what I read, it seems I'll be keeping the B and getting a second bike! :D

PS: When I arrived home with the bike, my wife said it was a lovely bike and then immediately ask me if I was crazy... Asking how in hell I was thinking to ride into the mountains and dirt roads with a street bike...:confused:
Basically she made me realize I need a dual-purpose motorcycle!!. I love her, she's right.

Now, I'll have to look into what mods are necessary and which are recommended.

I'll love to get some candy spoked tubeless wheels.
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