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Good Afternoon to you all from sunny Minneapolis. I wish I was out riding my new to me 2004 Bonneville. I picked it up last week and it's been a garage queen (5,500 miles).

The original owner added some nice bits and I'm excited to own my first Triumph. I have been a promiscuous motorcycle owner in the past (many old Japanese bikes, 3 Ducatis...) and maybe just maybe this Bonneville will be a long term affair.

The first items I would I am going to attempt to address are new bars (this bike's bars are slightly bent) and I'm going to try out the
Drag Bar Handlebars In BLACK from NewBonneville.

Next up is trying to find some baffles for the StainTunes Classic Replicas. They are a bit too loud for me without the baffles.

Finally I want to ride this bike a lot (to and from work) and get out on the weekends.

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