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Neutral light out on '06 Bonnie

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Assuming the indicator light is o.k., where can I check for a loose connection?
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you are not just assuming, tho? the bulb is likely to be the culprit, especially if water had got into it
Access to headlight bucket: Remove 2 screws on headlight ring, then pull out headlight? Any way to identify neutral wire? Also neutral lamp bulb. How can I access that?
wouldnt the dealer fix it for you? if thats not an option, the dashboard is easily removed, just take off the bolts holding it down, and un plug the whole pigtail of wiring from its connector in the headlight.
Ooh, I had this same problem a few months ago. Before you tear into your headlight bucket, look under the bike. The neutral indicator switch is threaded into the underside of the transmission, right next to the oil filter. The only thing holding the spade-type connector on it a little friction! It can come loose pretty easily...

I ended up having to re-shape the connector slightly with some pliers to get it to grip the sensor better, but it has not come loose again (yet). :)
I would think it is the bulb. For some reason the neutral bulb on my 06 went out only a few months after I bought the bike as well, the bulbs are like a buck or something. They are kind of a pain to change though, but can be done in about 10-20 minutes.

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