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Need touch up paint which blue is it? Caspian, Saphire,or Eclipse?

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I have a 2001 Sprint st. I need to buy some touch up paint but i don't know which blue it is. I found these

Paint Codes Colour Manufacturer Code Triumph Code

Aluminum Silver Dupont BEC2203 MH
Aston Green Dupont BEC2507 HH
British Racing Green Dupont BEC1343 HA
Caspian Blue Dupont BEC1349 JD
Eclipse Blue Pearl L3063 J
Jet Black Pearl L2344 PG
Lucifer Orange Pearl L2501 ED
Racing Yellow Dupont BEC1514 FA
Sapphire Blue Dupont BEC1497 JM
Sunset Red Dupont BEC1661T CP
Tornado Red Dupont BEC2211 CM
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I think the paint code is on one of the name plates under the seat.
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