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Need tires soon.

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Hello all. Been reading the posts re: tires on this section and in the tires sticky also. Will reduce my tire pressure from 35/41 to about 34/38 per your recommendations. Hopefully that should cure some of the handling ills. Have little tread left on the Michelin Pilot Roads that were on the bike when I bought it, will need tires soon. Not crazy about the Pilot Roads, this gives me a chance to change. I have heard (here and elsewhere) great things about the Z 6s and BT 014s. Here I can ride year round, and we are now in rainy season. I also ride on back roads, which often have poor surfaces. Now through March or April, there is a lot of sludge, muck, gunk, slop, ****, leaves, twigs, branches, trees, sand, gravel, mud, mudslides and general debris on the roads. So, due to 1.) poor roads, 2.) rainy season debris, in addition to the usual assortment of sport / sport touring tires, I was thinking about tires such as the fairly new Dunlop D 616 or the Pirelli Scorpion Sync, which are both marketed as dual-sport tires, with an emphasis on road performance, both of which seem like they could handle less than optimum road surfaces. Anyone have any experience with these two tires or similar or recommendations ? Or should I just be the guinea pig for the D 616 or Scorpion Syncs as my contribution to this forum?

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Dave M & Dusty,
Thanks guys for the comments. I'll look up the Avon Azaro/Storms. Dave M - how many miles or km do you get out of a set of the Avons ? The front looks good, but the rear looks like you've been shredding it either from burnouts or slides or both. (?) Shredding is fun !! I just got done checking prices on the web on the D 616s. Ron Ayers has them both for $193 USD + $20 shipping. For some reason they are cheaper than most of the other tires available for Sprints - I suspect that Dunlop is holding the price down in an effort to promote this relatively new tire. They were original equipment on the Buell "dual-sport" bike for a while, now Buell is using Pirelli Scorpion Syncs. The Dunlop is mostly marketed as a good rain tire, actually marketed as a "hybrid" tire, whatever that is, but how would they be in the dry ? I don't really know anything about them. The only independent comment on the web on this tire is in German - and another on I'm gonna sleep on it, but am tempted to order them and let you all know what they're like.
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