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I've done my research, and now that I'm somewhat informed, I have a few questions to lay on you good folks before making a bike purchase. I'm looking at a 2006 SM with long TOR's, less than 100 kms on odometer, solo seat & pillion. It was purchased new, but owner not impressed with HP (dyno'd at 49) & torque, as he is used to HD bikes. Carbs re-jetted, but no other mods. So, on to my questions:

1. The SM and Thruxton have same engine displacement and use same carb needles, but Thruxton stock is 69 HP vs SM stock 54 HP. What else does Thruxton have that SM is lacking?

2. Which seat is more comfortable, solo seat or SM stock gunfighter?

3. Had Triumph addressed bubbling fuel tank liner issue by 2006 production? What color of liner is bubble-free?

4. If I purchase this practically new SM and did some of my own mods, such as removing airbox restrictor-plate and snorkel, add K&N air filter, AI removal, side-gap sparkplugs, and then do some carb tuning, what HP and torque gains would be expected?

5. I can get a new stock 2006 SM for about $1000 less (including taxes and PDI)than this used one. Do the Triumph long TOR's sound that much better than stock silencers, and do they really contribute that much performance-wise? I wouldn't think so, considering what the owner of the used bike has discovered.

6. It's rumored that EFI will be introduced on the cruisers, possibly for 2008 models. Is EFI worth waiting for? Would HP and torque gains be that signicant? Re-mapping of HD EFI modules to gain performance seems to be hit and miss, and I wonder about future re-mapping issues with the Triumphs.

Well, that's it for now. I appreciate your help in making my decision on whether to buy used, buy new, or wait til the EFI models.


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1. I don't know about lacking, they are just different mills. The Thruxton has a 360o firing interval, different cams, and I am sure there are differences in the way the carbs are set up.

2. It depends, whose ass is trying the seats out? Yours, or someone elses, LOL!

3. I have two 2005 Americas, neither have the tank problem, same tank is used on TBA's and SM's.

4. H.P. gain should be minimal.

5. I put TOR's on both of my bikes and had my mechanic do the rejet on both. I did the AI removal and modified the snorkel. I noticed a gain in performance.

The sound of the Triumph slash cut shorties that I put on one of my bikes is wonderful! Sounds like a pair of burnt out Pea Shooters from back in the day.

The other bike has the Speedmaster style shorties and sounds rather, well, ERRRRR.........

I first tried the long slash cut TOR's, they were too loud, and are still in the way of the chain when lubing, wheel access, etc., they went on and came off the same day, I couldn,'t stand the racket! I sold them to another guy and he loves them?????

6. I don't think I want FI on my vertical twins, but I am not that well informed on how it would affect the performance.

The Keihins are bullet proof IMO so I don't spend a lot of time thinking about how the bike woulfd perform without them.

FI in 08 is what I am hearing also.

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singring, if I read your post correctly, you can drive a new bike out the door for 1000 less than this bike. Unless you wanted to do this guy a favor, he would be lucky to recover his base costs, the bike IS now a USED vehicle. The TOR pipes are not that much from the dealer and can be found used here and on ebay etc. A good seat is subjective, but other than Corbin being way overpriced (IMHO) there are TBA seats and other vendor seats that members here can give you some feedback on. 1000 bucks will give a great start on some mods and carb settings/parts are discussed in detail here and on[cart]

Don't worry about FI, if you like this style bike you won't be disappointed. They run great but they are not a Speed3 or a 675.

A HD weighing in at approximately 2X the weight with not that much more HP is the true underpowered beast. I would guess the handling and seat of the pants is different from what this guy was used to, but everyone should enjoy their ride for their own reasons. Hope you both make the choices that work for you.
Ride safe.


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To answer your question about HP: You are comparing a 49hp dyno (at the rear wheel), to stock HP numbers, which are from the crackshaft. Apples & Oranges. But I'd say 49 on a dyno is probably a bit of an improvement from stock.

If you want to mod it all up, (and you will), your not going to turn these bikes into a speed triple. Without going to a big bore kit & extensive cost, you just can't get there.

Check my gallery if to see my dyno runs. I have my airbox pulled, and D&D pipes, rejet, yada yada... I get 62 rear wheel HP, so I've basically picked up 13 or 14hp from stock... a significant increase as a percentage. Believe me, you'll keep up with everyone in the group, unless they are out of their minds.

If you intend to squeeze HP from the bike, then save the $1000 bucks, buy a new one & spend your savings on jets, K&N pod filters & a set of pipes that that breath better than the TORS.

If you don't mind LOUD, the D&D's are great. Just repack them with packing from Vance & Hines and the sharp tone the factory D&D's put off will be gone.

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i bought my america in may of 2005. i have 8600 trouble free miles on it. in the spring i will remove the ai and install a K&N filter. i 'm doing this because i want to. i have rode with the RAT and several other people on different bikes. the america keeps up with about everything unless you want to do insane speed , drag racing or track days... the bikes are smooth comfortable and reliable and everyone stops and says it is a great looking bike... modify it and personalize it to your own personal taste.... it is not a s3 or a r1. it is not designed to be.. GREAT BIKE ! ENJOY! :cool:
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