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I have a 01’ Tiger that Ive recently acquired with over 37k on it. She seems to have a hesitation running at low RPMs in traffic and idles inconsistently. On top of that she backfires quite a bit when downshifting. There is an after market pipe on her that gives her a good bit more free flow. Im thinking plugs, air filter, valves. Any other Ideas? :idea:

Since I think it’s the valves, this will my first time adjusting them. The problem is I dont have a garage nor enough experience with the Tiger to attempt this, although Im a fast learner. :wideeyed:

So Im putting it out there; is there anyone in the Bay area (Oakland or near by) that has had success with adjusting their valves and has a garage that would be willing to help me though this process? I’d like to throw some incentives out there for ya like some $ and beer, first born or whatever, not to mention that I would be forever grateful. :elated: If you’re out there let me know. Thanks, Dugen
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