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Hi everyone,

This may seem like a long winded tale but I think as much info as possible may help in this situation.

I have a 2008 Speedy (1050) which I've owned and taken good care of for the last 5 or 6 years.
The bike has always been kept in a garage, serviced regularly etc etc. I work abroad sometimes and on my last return I (as usual) went to the garage, disconnected the optimate and took the bike to the service station to put fresh fuel/check tyres etc. It hadn't been ridden or started for at least 4 months.

the bike was fine for about 2 or 3 kms until I pulled up to some traffic lights. I stalled it on the green (but not sure now) and when I started it again - clunk - whizz! Sprag had gone.
So I decided to bump it to get it home but when it fired it ran as if only on 2... I nursed it back home. It was not short on fuel and I was a bit confused.
However, I took it to a good workshop to do the sprag (just didn't have time to do it myself due to work) and the fork seals at the same time as one was leaking, a full service etc.
Also to see why it wasn't running on all 3 (I thought it may be a plugs issue)

So with new sprag fitted, new plugs, serviced etc, when the bike was started it was sweet..... until revved over about 3000rpm, then it sounded as if it was being starved of fuel or not firing properly. No power under load. Ok...
On further inspection the leads from the stator were burnt (couldn't see this without really getting in there). Another look and the stator was buggered.... strange because I had fitted a rewound one only 5k or so before due to the same problem.
New stator fitted - same problem!
New fuel pump (in tank) - same problem,

This all includes plugging the bike in and the diagnostics showing nothing wrong.

The airbox is fitted back properly, vacuum hoses are not perished... it's becoming a complete mystery.
But sometimes when things are not working we tend to look too deeply when the issue is right there on the surface in front of your eyes!

I hope.....

Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated! I'm starting to get unpleasant sensations when bikes pass me.... could be withdrawal symptoms!

Cheers, Matt from NZ

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Start from the stator and work backwards. Check up by ignition barrel , the wires seem to chafe there easy and symptoms appear out of nowhere. Also pull the plug boots just Incase of any oil or condensation got in there.

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The current status is unclear to me.

Can you describe what are the current symptoms?
1-Does it crank over?
2-If yes does it crank over fast enough?
3-Does it start and run rough or doesn't it start at all?
4-If it starts does it run rough as only 2 cylinders were firing?

A video would help.

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