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I did a full engine swap on this bike and decided to do the sprockets and chains.

I'm using a Haynes manual and it calls for 114 link 530 set. RK Racing Chain GB530XSOZ1-114 and JT steel sprockets 17/45.

I have the back wheel set as far as it will go forward and the chain will simply not fit. I'm talking by millimeters.

I was thinking of rolling it on with the drive like w regular bike chain and maybe measuring the tightness to see if it would be loose enough.

Or making a Franken chain with a link of my old one and 2 master chain.

Or returning this one and just getting the 116 Rk and maybe breaking it down a link. I'd really like to not wait and do this.

I'm just confused why this chain doesnt fit. I count the links to see if miss manufactured even... it's fine just tight.

Could it be I installed the sprockets incorrectly??

Just some help from anyone would be appreciated, I'm sort of new at this stuff and I cant find resources concerning it.

Thanks all
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