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1. Regarding break in, at what point can I ride at the same speed for an "extended period"? And what constitutes an "extended period" anyway? I want to take a short (90 mile) trip up highways 30 and 4. Can I do 90 miles at speeds ranging between 40 and 60, or do I need to wait until after the first service? I have 200 miles on my bike.

2. How the F do you remove the seat?

3. Regarding bafflectomies. Honestly, how doable are they for someone who is only marginally mechanically inclined? I've read a few of the threads and it appears somewhat daunting. Secondly, does one need to re-jet after performing one?

4. How often do you lube the chain? The manual says every 200 miles. That seems like a lot. And what kind of lube do you use?

5. How do you adjust the chain tension without a centerstand or sidestand of some sort?

I'm loving the bike a lot. I find myself missing the tachometer, and I just found out from newbonneville that I'll need to wait at least 2 weeks for the renntech grab rail/rack unit, but other than that, it's perfect.

Thanks in advance for any help.
#2 - look under the tail of the seat for two bolt - they are allen heads

#3 - Word is that 2007/2008 mufflers are not canidates for bafflectomys as I understand, the mufflers are constructed differently.

#4 - 500 miles or so, 200 miles seems paranoid. See also: scottoiler

#5 - You can do it with a canyon dancer and some ratchet straps if you have a frame such as a garage door track.

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