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My Sprint ST

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I have owned lots of Jap bikes and BMWs and for long distance have stuck with my Beamers, and I never thought I would own a Triumph......that is until I threw my leg over a Sprint ST 2006 Demo......and then bought one(blue colour) and love it. What a fantastic bike to ride and it doesent matter what gear your in, because it just pulls and pulls hard....a great bike, and must admit the lights need to be improved.....other than that, I lovvve it.

rgds Sean :)
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Sean mate, welcome to the Trumpy zoo. This a great site with some pretty knowledgeable people Like DaveM & Russ. I hope you enjoy your Trumpy as much as I enjoy mine. I agree about the lights but there are some good fixes about.

Cya & safe riding Tankman
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