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Finally managed to do a long ride yesterday with no relation to commuting or riding around town. I did 250 miles around San Diego county and really enjoyed it, especially working on my lines through corners and trying to lessen my tendency to want to turn in too early on left handers. Bike is very comfortable - but I knew that. Also managed 45.5 mpg average without trying especially hard (real figures from miles divided by gallons to full, not the slightly optimistic trip computer).

For San Diegans, I did I-8 to Old Highway 80, back on I-8 to drop down to the desert floor and take S-2 to 78 West to S-1, back to I-8 and then home.

There are some very tight bends/corners on these roads and they demand full concentration to keep away from the center of the road - in case of wayward oncoming traffic. Plenty of cars etc pulled over to let me by even though I certainly was not tail-gating or making a nuisance. Felt good to give a friendly wave a I passed.

I need to make time for rides that are just for the sake of it!! This one was almost life-affirming.

Take care - BB
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