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Hi guys, this is a copy of a post I made in the Gear and gadgets forum, but since I feel that posting it here will give it some extra exposure and safety for some of us that don't go on that forum I hope that the mods will allow this post to stay here. Basically it's a review of what I've been wearing the last six months! original post started in may is here:

and this is the 6 months review copied:

So here's my update after 6 months of wearing them!

I've been commuting about 180 km per day and have put about 20k on my bike with the k-legs and knox protectors on. I've worn them exclusively on every ride I've taken with my stree triple and here's the deal:


If you don't like riding in riding clothes or leathers, these will suit you fine and give you extra protection.

I've worn them during commuting, fun rides, track days, trips to the store, my holiday in the alps (france) where I rode La marmotte (200 km ending on Alpe d'Huez) and to some trips to geneva, Switzerland (see video here
), in the rain with rain pants over them etc.

At work, no one noticed I had on full protection the whole day under my jeans and they thought I just hopped on the bike with a leather jacket and gloves as my sole protection. I never took them off, too much work to do so (took of my knee protectors once or twice) and so have been sitting in them for at least 9 hours a day and I've been totally fine with that. At the height of the summer I took of my boots and wore flip flops at work, else it would have been too much warmth for the legs and feet.

I've even had other riders comment on me that I should wear more gear when talking at stoplights, and they were amazed when I grabbed my knee protectors to show them 'I am just fine thank you'

I've ridden with these in temps ranging from 10 Celcius to 36 Celcius and when you're riding it's just fine, the extra warmth they added did not bother me a lot. When I stopped for breaks it sometimes was a bit warm but nothing I couldn't cope with.

Sometimes I had a tiny amount of irritation in the kneepits, especially after walking around a bit or if it had been especially hot.

I've worn them once under leathers during a track day (just because I could, makes no sense to do so) and this highly irritated the piece above my knee because my hair was pulled out because of the kevlar and the way the leathers pressed them against the knee. A later track day with only leathers this did not occur. My conclusion would be to not wear pants that are too tight so they pull/push the kevlar tight agains the skin. But this is a minor thing and fully explainable and I think this won't be an issue during normal use.

Wear is negligable so far. both pieces of gear hold up very well. Easy to wash and did not shrink.

One thing I did not do so far was road testing the kevlar so I can't comment on that :)
I did on multiple occasion sit down on my knees on the knox protectors and they offer a somewhat softer experience than sitting down on the knee.

I'm not sure if knox are the best protectors out there, but that's just because I don't have any other experience with standalone knee protectors. I guess other ones would be fine too. They are just very slim and hardly noticeable.

I have been very happy with both these items and recommend them to everybody that wants to wear casual pants so they don't have to pay extra for casual looking motor pants but still want WAY better protection than specialized motor pants (way better since they are double layered thick kevlar that go from waist to ankle all the way around the legs)

If you want to go atgatt than this is a very very very good option and gives great value for the money.
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