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The engine management story
Ok we all know out there that bikes are getting very electronically controlled. In Nov 08 I was sold a device from Fast by Ferracci that was going to solve my problems.
The lady sold me on the ability to log onto any bikes ECU.
2K later and two weeks later a PDA arrived that could only connect to Webber Marrelli.
OK I'll will live with it I do alot of Ducatis and its a good start. It came in below budget so lets get working.
Well it never could connect.
After a few calls back, the only response I got was when I threatned to call Visa and get my bucks back
Erraldo Ferracci himself called and talked me thru the process. And NOTHING. He's advice was to sleep on it and tomorrow the chief guy who works with this set up will talk me thru it. Wow Cool.
So next day the chief fella determines that I am not a complete fool and says to return it,its faulty.
I do . It arrives back the tuesday befor Thanksgiving.
Needless to say, It takes 2 weeks for them to send it back to the manufacturer as they cannot get it to work.
At this time I am comunicating with GianBerto the man who made it. He cannot believe it, So he overnights me a disc and cable to at least finish the 9 Ducatis at the store. the set up worked but some of the features were not as described. (also to be returned)
Now three weeks later the lady calls from Ferracci to tell me all is well and a new one is on its way. Well GianBerto calls to say well this one works fine.
So I wait another week. Nothing. I call GianBerto and no responce. The next day I leave a message to please fill me in.
Another weekend passes. Monday I (I) call again and GianBerto is just finished testing it and its fine.
I had enough. Do not send it back I don't want it.
I called Ferracci for my money back. And I was told they would call me back in twenty minutes. NO CALL

Now the point of the story is. Are they going to do the correct thing or not.
Will they just be another **** retailer with **** service or will they give my money back so I can get another one . And we can say . Didn't work out but they are a good bunch.

Now I have called Visa and the process is underway. I have the reciepts of the return and Derrick at Ferracci signed for it so I will get my money.
This will just be info for those who are going to buy from them.

This is a buyer beware thing. Just read it. And monitor the result so you can make an informed decision. I don't need advice on what to buy, I don't want to know how happy you are with your dealings. Just a difficult time consuming mess for my business to deal with. I hope they do the Correct thing

I will post the ressult of my story as soon as its concluded.

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Andy, From past experiance it sounds like F by F outsourced the engineering. When something goes wrong it eats the consumer's time in BIG bites F by F is a reputable company and I'd expect them to do the right thing. Let us know.


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The Result (good news)

Yesterday I was called by GianBerto the manufacturer, to request a cable and disc I had forgot to include in the return box. (True is I thought i would have it back soon.).
Eraldo Ferracci himself called me today to apologize for any trouble this may have caused.
The money is to be returned immediatly.
I am so glad that they turned out to be a good bunch.
I will recommend anyone buy what ever Italian stuff you need from Ferracci. Because anyone can take your money. But what will they do if something is ligitimatly wrong. Well Ferracci will do the rite thing.

Great end of story. Thanks for reading it.

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