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Has anyone fitted a fully adjustable MX/enduro fork on a Tiger? I remember reading a thread about it here but the "search" doesn't come up with it any more.
What I have in mind is something fully adjustable -
long and soft for offroad and increased preload = reasonably stiff for pavement (I'm not a roadracer an no fork can go from MX to GP settings anyway).
I'd appreciate advice on brands, install problems, adjustability, riding experiences. Thanks!

PS! If you're thinking; Why is he bothering faking MX pretense on 06 ??? I understand your logic and agree; it won't happen! My reason is - the fork is bent and I need a new one anyway. Might as well spend a bit extra and get something more out of it. I won't go racing Paris-Dakar on it, but the fireroads will be comfier.
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