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On 2007-01-26 09:28, Loxpump wrote:
Do all the other ads and logos pay for their exposure here?

its the ads from the sponsors and google that pay for the site. therefore commercial posts from non sponsors / advertisers are not allowed.

secondwindbmw is not a site sponsor so the posts got pulled.

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As I said in my post in the Second Wind thread yesterday, before it was removed, Second Wind seems like good folks, and legit. I bought a Triumph Cafe Racer Jacket for $214. That's a great deal any way you slice it.

I totally understand the need for advertisers to pay to use this site, and the right of the administration to pull threads.

And I'll give Second Wind a plug, since there aren't any rules against that. Joe at Second Wind said they acquired another dealer's stock and are trying to get rid of the old inventory, as with the jacket I bought, which apparently hasn't been available since 2005. Their phone number is 603-598-2697. He said they mostly have clothing in larger sizes, i.e., size 46 on up.
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