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Similar to my previous post, highway riding requires a greater sensitivity and diplomacy with the higher speeds.
Avoid a constant position in traffic, move ahead and behind vehicles keeping space for their mistakes or inattention. By varying your position in relation to vehicles you are more likely to gain their attention of your presence. Loud pipes are not always needed to attract attention, visibility is the key.

Keeping up with traffic reduces risk, significantly exceeded traffic speeds exponentially increases your risk as vehicle driver inattention and sudden lane change could leave you with little time/room for escape.
Sharing road space is give and take and ever changing, like I read somewhere highway traffic is like a ballet, somewhat coordinated but still room for errors.
As we sit higher and can look through car windshields, see moving shadows of vehicles ahead and vary our position in the lane for views either on the left or right side of the lane we have the advantage of greater foresight.
Most highways have their slow and fast sections as other traffic merges, knowing these points can help you move safely and efficiently through traffic by your placement in the fastest lanes. This you will find is fairly constant if you drive the same highway commute often.
This can help develop patterns of efficient commute by reading traffic movements. When there is an accident/incident it all goes out the window. Then signalling, hand waving a vehicle merging into your lane in front of you (Diplomacy as you all want to get home safely), helmet nods help all stuck in traffic find their space. They listen to the traffic reports, you look around at the sea of vehicles and have the satisfaction of knowing you take the 1st cutoff and find an alternate route or get lost and find your way.
To be continued
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