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Convertibar has already confirmed that the following may be done. The question is more 'what are the consequences'? All input welcome!

My bike is an '01 Sprint ST. It came already with GenMar risers under the OEM bars. It looks like the tubes were dropped in the clamps to allow for mounting the GenMars.

Together, the GenMars and OEM bars have a base thickness of 46 mm. The cyclops clamp for the Convertibars is only 40 mm. So, rather than first restoring the tubes to original position and then mounting the Convertibar clamp under the top triple tree, I have enough space to just remove the bars and GenMars and place the Convertibar clamp in their place.

I will note that I've never ridden the bike with the stock geometry. I bought it with the GenMars in place, and have been satisfied for my purposes so far.

Comments? Suggestions?

My first thought is this way of mounting the Convertibars may be a bit ugly. Also, with the tubes already dropped in the clamps, and me now a bit more up and back, will that mess too much with the steering geometry?

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