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Motorcycles can be an expensive lifestyle / hobby /addiction. We all are always on the lookout for something – gear, parts, farkles, gadgets, accessories, helmets, service, tours, tires etc.

The first time I felt the pinch from this, back in 2008, I launched Teiz Motorsports. Now, after a recent move to Texas, I am feeling the pinch again. Moving to an apartment, I need a motorcycle shelter ($399). 100+ heat, I would kill for a backpack style personal cooling system ($450) – but of course the wife would also need one (another $450). The recent 35K services were quoted at $500+. New tires, around another $400 to $500 with installation, were not included in that. Not to mention the pending upgrade to aluminum panniers, some new gadgets and a more comfortable touring seat!

So the pinch has this time lead to the creation of Motorcycle Group Buys. We are familiar with group buys as they pop up on various forums all the time. 10% off gloves if 10 people buy them. $20 off a gadget if 15 people promise to buy. But we think that something like 50% (or a lot more) off sounds a lot better! I am sure you agree. That is the concept of Motorcycle Group Buys (MGB). Instead of 10% off, we will strive to get you more than 50% off, but we would need around a larger number of commitments to do so. If we can’t get the required number of people, the deal would fail. Sounds a lot like Groupon, except that instead of facials, manicures and restaurant coupons we will feature actual products (along with motorcycle related services).

The benefit for customers is obvious. However, there is a significant benefit to businesses as well. If you are a business, and would like to set up a group buy, please get in touch with us and we can discuss various opportunities.

If you post here, we can show it as proof to vendors that there is a definite interest in certain products! So please – starting flooding these forums and let us know on which products you would like to save money (keep it motorcycling related :D ).

One more thing – Locations. We are initially planning to offer the service in USA (and perhaps Canada) but adding more countries is not an issue. Just post here (and on our Facebook page) so that we know what sort of interest is there from various countries.

The launch date is not set at the moment. We are testing various segments of the site right now. Meanwhile, you guys can start spreading the word,

There are many details that I have left out. But everything will be revealed very soon. Till then please sign up for our mailing on our webpage or our social media pages

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