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Bike Blessing Stickers

I have always enjoyed your trip reports. The link to the thread and subsequent read was excellent as usual. What are the chances of purchasing one of your stickers?
English or Spanish sticker? Either way, we don't sell them, we give them away. English - the easiest way is to contact your closest CMA chapter and ask them for a bike blessing. We have chapters in Round Mountain, Reno and Elko. You can start here: The local chapter pages have contact information. Or, if you see someone with a CMA patch on the road, ask them for a bike blessing.

If you want one in Spanish, send me an e-mail and we'll work something out; maybe a long-distance blessing.

Thanks for asking.

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Sweet! Espanol por favor! (I will treasure the blessing so you know.)

Why Espanol? I heard the following (or something similar) when I lived in Italy:

If you want to swear, speak German.
If you want to love, speak French.
If you want to do business, speak Japanese.

But if you want to talk to God, speak Spanish.
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