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most basic question

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How in the %&*^$#@ hell do you post 1 or more pictures on your Forum message?
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Pic needs to be uploaded to an online site, like photobucket or an album here.

Copy the pic's URL, when posting click "image," paste the URL and pic will show.
First need to upload your photo(s) to an on-line server. Most ISP's allow you some www space to do this, but it's just as easy to register someplace for free server space.

Here's one of many:

Once the images are uploaded to the server, view the image and copy the entire URL, select the "IMAGE" button that's available with entering a post and copy said URL in the resulting pop-up window.

Keep the image size to a minimum or the Geheime Site Polizei (GESIPO) will chastise you.

Hope my explanation isn't too confusing.


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Looks like Tabletop beat me by a few (darn Thruxtons).
It's still not working. How about a little help for a complete f****ng idiot with an IQ of 141 like myself. I went there, logged on, uploaded, and then posted with the same crappy end result! Complete and total frustration....
Screw it!!!!!!!! Nothing a ride and three shots won't fix.
O.K. I think I'm there!
3 more shots, and I won't care, anyway.

I feel your pain and will join you :chug: :-g

I under stand bikes and cars and I think that I know sh*t from shinola. But I just dont get this picture posting thing.

Fu** it all.

Bottoms up!!! :-g
Clicking on the
button when typing your reply and pasting in your pic's url is not that hard. :wink:
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