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I am not connected to them in any way other than I visited there.

This is a shop in Northern Illinois that specializes in restoring old British bikes. I visited there today after driving by last Sunday when they were closed. WOW! what a cool place it is sort of like going into a British Bike museum. Lots of BSAs, Triumphs, Nortons, a few Tritons and a few very special gems.

There were some other older bikes as well, a couple of 70's Hondas an HD but mostly British. The owners bought a stash of parts back in the early 90s after the brutal murder of the namesake of the place, Morrie, and his wife by a couple of Outlaw bikers. I won't bother you with all the details of this but it is a rather famous case that ended up with their son on death row even though he was later proven innocent.

The good thing is that this shop lives thanks to the new owners. If one needs parts or someone with real know how this is the place to go. I really wanted to walk out of their with one of the BSA bikes that they had. If you get anywhere around the McHenry, IL or even Lake Geneva, WI take a trip down Rt31 and visit this place. Very cool gem of a classic restoration shop.
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