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Morning! (Well, a cold, damp one, so couldn't reallly say "good" morning...)

Having lurked for a while, I now have a technical problem, so thought I'd finally sign up!

I stated riding this year with four months on an R125 and moved up to a 2011 Striple the day I passed my full test.

Happy as Larry for five months on her until I got a puncture from a bolt on the road, which I plugged and managed to get her to the shop to replace the tyres... Unfortunately the warning "careful, new tyres are slippery for 100 miles" didn't quite go far enough. 4mph on dry asphalt and the back spun out from under me. :eek: Now learning the ancient art of motorcycle maintainence (replaced the right turn signal) with a recuperating dislocated shoulder. :(

Now over to the technical formums to talk about sheared off bolt heads!


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