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One of the members asked me to create a Reference Thread of quick links to some of the Mods, Upgrades and Fixes that have been posted previously and which apply to the Daytona range.
Thanks Henkka83 for suggestion.

Please don't make this a discussion thread - take any questions on any of the links directly to the link thread itself.

I'll start it off - please add as you find appropriate, whether your own personal work or something you found helpful as you came across in research.
Some of the links may be in other sub-forums (Sprint or Speed Triple) where there is commonality in specific application.

All suggestions listed below this post will also be incorporated into Post #1 to make a complete listing.

OEM Part Number Find

OEM part Number Locator

T595 Ground Block
T509 Wont Start - ECU ???? (post # 10)

Charging System Diagnostics
Charging System Diagnostics - Rectifier/Regulator Upgrade

Headlight Upgrade
Headlight Performance Improvement

Cibie Head-Light Install

Headlight Cut Till start
Headlight Cut Mod

Starter Power Mod
Starter Power Mod

Digital Speedo Conversion for 97-01
Digital Instruments from 02+ onto 97-01

Speedo upgrade for 97-01 Speed Triples & Daytona

GSXR Fork Swap
K6 GSXR Fork Retrofit Complete

Speed Sender Alternative Solution
Broken Speedo Sender Fix / Also mod for 05+ wheels on...

Quick Throttle
Quick Throttle Mod

Digital Instrument Panel LED upgrade
Instrument Panel Lighting (02-04)

Seat Padding/Cover Upgrade (Great Day to Ride)
GDTR Seat Upgrade

2002 Ignition Circuit difference (NOT in manual!)
2002+ Daytona Ignition Circuit

Fork Selector Shaft Oil Seal leak
The Elusive Oil Leak Mystery - Resolved!!!

Keyless Ignition System
Keyless Ignition - Part Deux!

Chain/Sprocket Replacement
Chain and Sprocket Replacement - Part 1

Rear Hub Bearing Maintenance
Please post a step by step to lube the rear wheel bearings.

Valve Clearance Adjustment (1050 but same for 955 02+)

Fuel Pump Fitting Replacement

Fuel Tank Leak from Drain/Vent Nipples

Clutch Switch Bypass

Installing relay for heated grips

Fuel Bot- Fuel level and MPG Gauge

Quick Release Seat

Steering Head Bearing Replacement

Raised Handlebar Position (inverted clip-ons)

Header Cleaner

Full Range Fuel Gauge

Easy Clutch Pull

Lowering rear via Sprint Brake Swap

Sprag Clutch Replacement Option

Gen 1 Sprag Replacement Process (with pics)

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Google Sky King Products. He's in CA. He no longer has a web site, but you should be able to find his phone number to see if he still has crash bungs for the 955i. I have them on my '98 T595. I will try to find the number.

The owner is John. His number is 858-337-5267 in CA. He makes product to order, he might still be making the bungs.
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