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dropped speedy off to get the 6k done this afternoon and will pick up the bike tomorrow, but i really am in the mood to go out tonight on a ride.

cant wait for the new rear tire, front trun signals and tors tune. my drill is messed up, so i asked them to get out the baffle on the zard as well. i want the sweet sound cause with baffle in its just a bit deeper than stock cans.

i cant imagine the guys who have been speedy-less for months after crashes, so sorry for the one day miss.


Well imagine all us "Un-Arazonians" who have to live through these 'cold as a icicle-ass' three months. :razz:
I did get to take her out on a warmer day last week and the higher the revs went, the wider my grin went............... :-D :-D :-D
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