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A month back I came off, landed on the right hand-side and bent up a bit of the bike, shed some pounds worth of skin and generally didn't have a fantastic day out.

Eventually got her back together, though for now the RH footboard mount gets a little loose (The peg needs replacing ideally) after a hundred miles or so and it seems I gotta bleed the rear brake because there's little movement on the pedal and today I realised that indeed, it's binding.

I did 150 miles before, while showing off the bike outside of an ASDA (Had got her going for a security guard who was keen to hear it, it was behaving wonderfully) I met a.. Problem.

A few minutes after the above showing off, I was once again hassled to get the engine going. I turned the key, all lights fine, hit the button, heard one tick and then *all* of the electrics just completely cut out.
No lights on my console, nil.
Turned the key, nothing. It all finally came back on after about two minutes of wondering how I might get her home.

So she starts, everything is fine.
I ride off home. I'd put her in reserve about 2 miles before ASDA so I figured I'd have about 10 miles to play with before I ran out.
I didn't get a mile away from ASDA before it seemed as though the spark plugs were skipping intervals.
###### Was now

And then it completely cut out. Took a second for the panel to light up.
Turned back, started up and I rode her back to ASDA (had pumps) without a hiccup, fuelled up and came home without any further problem.

So A; Weird for fuel to be a problem when the reserve should have been fine.
B; "Holy **** I'm riding 40 miles tomorrow I hope it doesn't happen at speed"

So on my lovely ride out to Bath, overtaking a white van man at about 60-70mph suddenly I feel a few short jolts and, again, it all just cuts out. I rolled off to the side but all of the lights were still on.
The remaining 6 miles were fine, and then similar happened on the return journey, a few jolts and the engine stops, lights all still on, giving me the chance to start the engine while I was rolling.

I've had a look over the fuses, looked for anything looking loose, connections are all fine, wires all fine.
Looked about, found out some models of America have fault ignition controls, mine's not in the VIN range.
If I had a tacho' I'd check the RPM but she feels right.

Checked spark plugs, battery charge was fine.. Once I've got her all together I'll see if the side-stand switch is feeling a little tetchy.

I unno
I finally got a start date on a job a week into June and it's 40 miles each way. I'm pretty keen to not have it die on me out there.

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It could be the side stand switch, I have heard of those going faulty. The main contenders with this kind of fault are battery connections (I know, its obvious, but the number of people on here that have just this), Igniter connector and pickup coil (crank position sensor). The ignition switches also go bad with corrosion, though on the Murica they are in a more protected position. Could have taken a knock in the accident though.
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