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Admittedly this is a subtle point and also subjective and also may vary according to rider's dimensions.............
but I offer my opinions for what they're worth..................
(this relates to stock mirror mounts on lever housings)

When I get a new bike (and often when I ride a loaner or even a friend's bike),
I find that the mirrors are at the edge of their adjustability.

I'd like to turn them a bit more but can't, at least in the direction desired (unless I get a wrench or two out).

Step 1. Adjusting the lever angle

When in riding position, (palms on grips) forearms, wrists and (extended) fingers are all inline.

Adjust the levers so that they match that angle.......
Then every time you clutch/brake it will be with minimal reach & effort (and maximum speed).

Step 2. Center the adjustment range

Find the place where the mirrors are in the middle of their adjustment range in all directions and place them in that position.

Step 3. Stem adjustment

Loosen the lock nuts at both ends of the stem and position the stem and the mirror end unit for maximum rearward visibility while in riding position then retighten.

Now you should be able to make minor adjustments in all directions.

One final opinion..........

The maximum view of the road behind will be with the mirrors angled down not horizontal.
I think they look better that way too.

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