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Minus three degrees in Florida?

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Well, while the rest of y'all are diggin' out from last week's snow storms, all we get is the cold weather. Not enough moisture for us to get snow, but here near the FL/GA border, it do git cold sometimes. Tomorrow mornin's supposed to be 27F (that's -3C in the rest of the world).

Now, I could take the Band Van to work tomorrow, but where's the fun in that? It oughta be a beautiful, sunny day, so there's no excuse (frostbite does not count). This is Florida, dammit! Year-round ridin'!

Of course, I gotta take the airhead 'cause I need to pick up some groceries too. At least my feet'll be warm :-D
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We're gettin a cold front through South Florida tonight. Low of 60F (16C) :upthumb: Guess its time for those heated gloves :) .

Hey, Pilot, didn't Tallahassee get some flurries a while back (like 1998)??
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