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Here's a sneak peek of my most recent mod'

BellaCorse Mini-Fender
newBonneville ABS fender eliminator plate
Running lamps / turn-signals from a Yamaha FZ1

I found the mini fender to be like REALLY mini! Given that I was concerned about my electricals and the underside of my seat being exposed, I supplemented the fender with an ABS plate that fits nicely and affords me a little more security about my parts is parts.

The Yamaha indicators are off the front of an FZ1 and already wired as running lamps. I plan to wire them in with my tail light to increase my visibility at night. Sure, they may not be "micro mini" signals ever popular on modified Bonnies, but I want my intentions to be conspicuous when I hit my signals.

The project isn't finished yet, gotta hook all the wires up and install the front indicators. In addition, I'll be installing some low café/flat-tracker bars (thanks sweatmachine) and try out some Yamaha convex mirrors on my black powder coated Bonnie stalks. Likely my bar-end mirrors will replace the upright mirrors, but gotta see how they look and how they work.

Report and pictures to follow:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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