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Well, not really Mert, but, his first cousin, Will Lawwill who lived in
Lexington, KY for a while. I traded my 2002 Triumph TT600 in on a
used black '99 Sprint ST. After checking a few registrations, I found
the original purchaser of the bike was William Lawwill. I had to find out if
he was related to Mert Lawwill of "On Any Sunday". I e-mailed Mert
in California. He confirmed that Will was indeed his first cousin and that
he lived in Lexington, KY. Imagine my surprise ! I must say I really
was impressed. I sold the '99 Sprint to a good friend of mine who still
owns it. May not mean much to younger folks, but, to old codgers like
me, the connection to Mert Lawwill is pretty cool !!! By the way, the
dealer in LEX at the time is now called Lexington Motorsports. It originally
had a different name which I can't recall but was once located on Eastland
Drive in LEX.
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I was expecting to read about some Aermacchi-Harley Davidson Sprint street (short)tracker special. :)


like the very trick Sportster street trackers Mert built


(But a Triumph Sprint and an e-mail from Mr "On any Sunday" Lawwill will do)
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