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just attended a dealership refurbishment with bruno the triumph marketing man attending.he said that the devon,england,ratpack is now the biggest group in the world.this dealer was there at the start of the new triumphs.bruno made a speech saying that this yea,45000 new bikes would be built.he says that they have 130 designers for their bikes,parts etc.he also implied that,the triumph is not just competing in the bike market,it has now bettered many of the major other makers.
i did ask,how come his designers put the rear footrests in the wrong place on the rocket classic.yet,rivco makes the right footrests for their model.he reckons they are going to make some.
i also questioned the £15 charge for the triumph logo on the backrest and told him i had fitted a ford badge because it only cost £3.we had a bit of a laugh there.
anyway,it was a good night out and we are invited to the factory.2 tours per day.
average age of customers seemed to be in excess of 50 years old.most people there already owned two or three triumphs.we also got two hats for free.cheers
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