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This is Lucy, a 7YO Aussie Cattle Dog. She was, we suspect, a brood bitch in a backyard breeding operation. She was put on Craigslist by her owners when she was diagnosed with diabetes. "30 days or she is PTS."

Generated a lot of interest in the rescue and Cattle Dog communities. I wound up with her for the short term. Once she's squared away she will hopefully be going to a long term foster or forever home.

This is her CL picture.

She didn't waste much time getting into mischief.

She had to get COMPLETELY onto the counter to get these...

These were taken three days later. Runnin' with the pack!


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You can see why they are called Blueys or Heelers, as in, "Get in behind !"

I think an Australian cattle dog holds the record for the longest living dog, 29 years or thereabouts, double normal dog life expectency.

My son's bull Heinz variety mastiff died recently at 15 years, he has now got another pup out of the pound. $200, good deal, they come spayed, registered for a year and are micro-chipped.

Here he is getting teething practice:

Ride on ! :)
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